Diary entry – Seven months and 1 day

Hey Diary,

Been a long week and sleep has been sketchy at best. I really do miss sleeping longer than two or three hours at a time.

My hand and arm feels like I rolled it in glass shards a lot today and it is cold but half asleep and achy . So weird that it can have so many different things going on.

sometimes I feel like it needs to go but I know that is not the solution but saying it out loud makes the statement feel absurd. anyways time to go to work, talk to you soon.

One day at a time

May the unicorns never see you coming

Diary entry – Six months and 24 days

Dear Diary,

Sorry for the lapse in time it has been hard to want to write. But I must at least try even on the really bad days. Lack of sleep and constant pain fill every day and adjusting to not being able to do many things because of this is a bit depressing. It is a life altering thing that not only you have to adjust to but also your family and it is pretty humbling when you need to have your teenage daughter help you get your shoes on everyday.  Went without sleep for two days last week but I have managed a few hours here and there so can’t complain. Some sleep is better than none. New years eve was a level 10 or more and I am pretty sure Christmas and holiday work had caught up with me and it was just super tired and done with life overall that day. Not sure how the pain scale is working anymore, I mean if you are in constant pain doesn’t the level rise since your tolerance increases? I am sure it is wonky after a while.

Had physical therapy as well today and it was rough but they usually are and my shoulder motion is getting better so that is a plus. The hot wax bath felt seriously hotter than usual today.

I did finally get through to one of my workman comp doctors and have an appointment. I really hope he lets me try a few of the drugs that help with nerve pain and also sleep is a side affect, (wouldn’t that be nice). I found a couple that are non addicting but help with chronic pain. But we will see, I am a month away from my appointment.

Anyways Diary I must go to work now.

One day at a time

May the unicorns never catch you