Diary entry – Six months and nineteen days

Hello Diary,

Been a little busy the last few days, Work Tuesday was a bit rough and wasn’t able to do much. But my bosses didn’t say anything so maybe that might be a good thing.  Went home after work, hung out with family and sleep was spotty but better than nothing.

Wednesday early morning had Physical therapy and it was painful but managed though it. The 10’s unit is rough and I did pull the tendon in my thumb. Happy I didn’t dislocate it but will have to work on keeping the muscles in my left arm as strong as possible. I came home and actually had a little nap it was really nice. I took extra Tylenol and Advil and went to town with my family it was nice that my arm was actually behaving itself a little.  It was a bit tired when I came home but I knew it would be like that. watched the new Blade runner it was pretty good but my left arm was feeling weird, it was really sluggish and a weird deep ache.  I checked my heart rate and it had dropped to 30 bpm so I am guessing that had something to do with it. Sleep was sketchy but a few hours is better than none.

Thursday was a bit hectic, been playing phone tag with the workman comp doctors but I think I will need to wait until after the new year now for any appointments or getting back to me at all. Wednesday (The third) I see my doctor and I am having her go through all the papers and diagnoses and see what she thinks about them wanting to cut the nerves and put a wire by my spine. I do not trust any of these doctors and it will make me feel better to have her opinion even if I have to pay for it.  My arm is not happy at all and feels like hot glass all over it and the pain is radiating into my shoulder.  My fingers really, seriously hurt and then realized in my rush to try and finish phone tag and getting ready for work I forgot to take my calcitonin.  It was to late to take and had to wait till the next day to resume taking it. I have to remember it is okay to be sad sometimes. At work I do try very hard to hide it.

So if you forget to take your calcitonin nasal spray the severe joint pain returns quickly and it made sleep very difficult and my hand swelled during the night and was a nice purple color. (So instead of 50% pain alleviation you get the whole 100% if you forget to take it). Yay.

Hello Friday (today) and I still have my arm attached to me. I remembered my spray and hopefully it kicks in soon.  I am headed to work now and will update soon for today.

One day at a time

May the unicorns catch you