Diary entry – Six months and sixteen days

Hello Diary,

It has been a couple of days since I have checked in but I have been spending time with the family. It was nice, it has been a while since I had seen my parents and in-laws.

I took a lot of Aleve and Advil these past few days and sleep has been spotty at best.  Last night I contemplated losing the hand completely up to the elbow, but I didn’t and I am preparing for work tonight. Hopefully it will be slow and uneventful.

I do think something is wrong with it (left hand), I have less control of the thumb and index finger and I used to be able to hold a piece of paper with them. I have physical therapy in the morning so hopefully I will know more then. The crawlies are in full force today along with that deep pain I mentioned yesterday. I left a message for my Workman comp doctors so hopefully one of them will get back to me this week.

It has been a long week Diary and I am very tired, I am so blessed to have a great husband and kids. He has been amazing through all of this.

I will let you know tomorrow diary, how work tonight went and how physical therapy goes.

One day at a time Diary, one day at a time.

May the unicorns never catch you.