Hallows’ Eve

         Windows were shuttered as the sun fell from the sky and gray mist rolled in upon the town.  The breath of innocence held tight in mothers arm, as the night rolled in on blackened hooves. Silken mane shone white as it passed under the candles light. The braver peasants kept watch on the passer by that danced upon the cobble streets. He stopped short of the village green, his breath invoked the fog that enveloped the grounds. She lay bound and pristine among the pumpkins and gifts left before the village church. Her eyes fixated to the horned figure that stepped into the torch light , as she squirmed against her  tight bonds. The spiral horn came within inches of her heart and her scream pierced the night.

          Light dawned upon the small town and the villagers gathered by the well, She sat quietly stroking the creatures neck.

          she smiled. “So many we have sacrificed to them.” the unicorns head hit the ground as she rose. “Time to sell the secret to the highest bidder.