Diary Entry – Six months and ten days

I know, I know I was supposed to write yesterday and it isn’t a good excuse but I really didn’t feel up to writing. Went To physical therapy and after the hot wax treatment and muscle skills, I was pretty unhappy and then spent six hours at work on light duty. I have split days off so today I am going Christmas shopping with my family and then tomorrow back to work until Monday. Happy we get Christmas off plus I technically get that day off anyways.

I tried cannabis oil (hemp oil) on my arm and hand to see if that would help with a bit of lavender mixed in it. It made it colder and didn’t seem to help after a week and the sensitive skin, nerve part hated it.  I didn’t break out like I did with the aspercream with lidocain in it, thank goodness.  I could have tried the oil a bit longer I suppose but it increased the pain and creepy crawly effect.

I dislike the compression glove sleeve thing, it is so hard to find a fabric the  allodynia and cold hyperalgesia accepts against the skin.

One day at a time diary, one day at a time.

May the unicorns never catch you