#Friday Fictioneers- Coward


     Steel and flesh clashed together as the cries and screams of death enveloped the field as the battle waged on. In weariness he pulled himself up onto his steed and fled the scene. The howls and clashes of hooves broke the ground in pursuit of this coward. His horse covered in froth gave its last breath and fell broken and shattered to the earth. Scrambling to his feet this forsaken knight limped hurriedly down the overgrown path.  Pushing foliage aside and entering a small clearing he stumbled, Exhausted  into the damp green grass. He gasped for breath and flailed at the gnashing of teeth that found and ripped into flesh. The young knight lay gazing up into brilliant red orbs that hung delicately on the branch as the light escaped his eyes.

#Friday Fictioneers – Youth is wasted on the young


damsel fly

    Watching the riverbank he sat and waited for the right moment, Oh so long he had waited for them to arrive and watch him. Flapping his delicate wings he sprang into action and bounced gently above the water causing tiny ripples to appear as he skipped over the stream.  His friends gasped as the water exploded and a rainbow of colors sliding down a side of silver leaped at him with jaws agape. Swiftly turning and dodging he eluded the trout and triumphantly landed on the smooth rock as the fish belly flopped back into the river.

      “Jesper!” Yelled his mom.

       Cringing he turned to see his mother hovering above him.”

       “If you had a death wish I would of thrown you in the river as a larva,” She took a deep breath. ” Now get home, wait till your father hears about this when you get home.”

       Jesper flew home with his  mother tailing close behind, he couldn’t wait till later when he would sneak out and see how impressed his friends were.