#Friday Fictioneers – Replacement heart

#Friday Fictioneer



       Brushing the snow off my thick parka I stand and stretch my legs after being huddled for the night. Dawn was here and I could continue my journey in search of  My fair maiden, that I loved and cherished, whom escaped and broke my heart.  I pick up my rifle and sling it over my shoulder and the  grass crunched  beneath my feet as I walk towards the forest.  My pack I carried was filled with all the  items I would need so my love never escaped again.  Now all I needed to do was find my replacement heart.



#Friday Fictioneers – Many forms




Branches  lash out trying to entangle her as she stumbles through the woods, Falling over a broken log she scrambles to regain her footing and continues running. It seems like days since  she began her search to find civilization after  escaping from that horrid place.  Exhausted she crumples beneath a willow and the tears start flowing. A light brush flitted by her cheek and leaping in terror she looks about to see  2 moths  circling before her. The Green moth flew close to her with it’s long tail and circled in a pattern and landed on her hand. The other moth ran back and forth to get her to follow it.  In disbelief she follows the brown moth and the green one flies up to join its friend and after walking a while she began to hear cars. Her heart beats in excitement to be escaping and turning to thank her saviors find they are gone.

#Friday Fictioneers – Once upon a nice day

#Friday Fictioneer – Once upon a nice day



                           She sat in the field enjoying the warmth of the sun and sipping her tea as a gentle breeze teased her hair.  She loved coming to this place and being in its serene embrace. Her secret place, where she could hear her own thoughts and let the worries of everyday life wash away. There were few clouds in the sky and warm mist of  rain fell to the earth  and she could see a line of colors forming above her.  Her heart beat quickly and she froze in place  as the colors solidified and the Unicorn materialize upon it.

                     “Poor creature,” whispered the Unicorn. ” I did not mean to frighten her.”

# Friday Fictioneers – Prisoner






A gentle breeze slid across my snout as I gaze upwards at the beautiful bright orb, I had once tried to reach it.  I stretch out my clawed hand to snatch it from the sky to fall short and tumble to the ground. My tattered wings are painfully bound and the heavy chains upon my limbs remind me that I am a prisoner here in this cursed land.  I scream in outrage, digging my massive claws into the cold dirt. My jailer pokes his fat head out the door and threatens me with his wand, growling I curl up on the ground and pretend that I do not notice his satisfaction  as he waddles back into his old cottage.  My heart aches as I watch the waning of the light fall to earth where I am bound.