#Friday Fictioneers – The Permanent Visitor

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“This place is lovely.” looking up at me with those sparkling green eyes.

“I knew you would love it.”  Kissing her soft cheek.

I watch her glide across the room touching surfaces with her delicate fingers, exploring my house.

Returning to my embrace, I smile and gently guide her to my secret place. My heart beats with excitement as the lovely eyes reflect my power over them.

“What is this place?” My lovely stammers.

“My special place where you will always be with me.”

“No…I” My lovely falls into my arms and I carefully lay the sleeping beauty in the room I prepared for her.

Triumphantly I walk  to the stairs gently touching the fingers outstretched through bars.

#Friday Fictioneers – King’s Revenge for a maiden

            Chains clatter upon the ancient stone as the King’s Troops pull the creature up the winding stairway. Snorting and kicking out it’s deadly hooves it connects with a knight nearby and hears the satisfying crunch of bone. Whirling his head around to keep the chains from re-tightening the clever beast strikes out at the King with his spiral horn. A flash of steel severs the horn and leaves mortal wounds as it shatters upon the stone. Screaming in outrage the unicorn lunges at the soldiers to be drug  further up and through an archway covered in green moss. Struggling against the heavy shackles he slips on the dew ridden gray slab of the makeshift stairway. Feeling warmth gently flow away,  his chest heaves for its last breath and lays his broken crown upon the shadows waiting. The flurry of the troops to revive and drag their prisoner to judgment falls upon the now silent ears.

#Friday Fictioneers – Dragon Pixie

The chill  night air flows past the Dragon pixie as she flies swiftly through branches and vines looking for a safe place to spend the night. Her  four wings flutter in unison and glints of emerald flash in the moonlight as she passes the still pond to spy a light.  Hovering delicately above a beautifully kept garden with bright golden spheres set up along  a path of red cobblestone.  descending down for a closer look to be drawn in by the fragrant lilies not watching for danger that lurks above.  A sharp pain struck her in the back and she saw her broken wing entangled and a glistening web awaiting above. Pulling frantically she tries to escape and loses one of her precious wings that drops upon the wet grass below.  screaming she comes face to face with the puppet master and was quickly captured in gossamer strings to be gently set upon a marble pillar,  bowing in eternal homage to the Queen.


#Friday Fictioneers – Queen

spider web

High, so high in the hidden world beneath the tendrils snaking down to the broken sod.  Eyes so many eyes, staring, watching with unfaltering cruelty and hunger. So high in the sky your silver threads catch the glistening droplets of tears left behind unto this mortal world. Oh, you are the master puppeteer to your audience that is forever captivated by your dance. Spin, spin, that gossamer web,  oh Queen of your splendid parlor.

#Friday Fictioneers – The Hollowness continues

She hid her daughter behind the crumbled stone fence that surrounded the cottage and motioned for her to stay very quiet. The little girl clenched her rabbit, the stuffing almost gone now but for the bits of cloth to her chest and nodded. She watched her mother through a small opening in the mortar, approach their hideout and disappear inside.  The forest was quiet as it had been since that day and the tired girl waited holding her guardian. Mother returned from the old cottage with an empty bucket, missed by the scavengers and all that remained of their past life. She went around the fence and saw the little girl and bunny unmoved, panicked she grabbed her daughter’s shoulder and overwhelmed with relief that she was just sleeping.

“Kiska, It is no longer safe here.” Whispered her mother.


#Friday Fictioneers – It’s Always my job

I missed last weeks and decided to write one for it anyways.

As if cleaning garbage off the streets was bad enough, now there where fowl everywhere, clogging up drains and the smell……..the smell from it  clung and became part of you.  I wiped my eyes and looked up at the still  clouds, what I wouldn’t give for a breeze right now but they stayed put as if to mock me while I had to do my job.  Flipping burgers at the corner food stand on sixth and hell was a dream job. I could almost remember the taste of greasy patties with tasteless cheese and overcooked fries mmmm. Enough reminiscing I reprimand myself and grab the bags got to fill thirty of these today, but at least I don’t have the job the orange crew has those freaking zombies fight back.

#Friday Fictioneers – Virtuous Maiden

I love unicorns and feel they shouldn’t always be typeset to a particular role or be vegetarians.  Thank you Madison for having the Friday Fiction challenge,  it really is a good writing exercise.

Virtuous Maiden

Stumbling into the cold wet earth, she whimpers and struggles to her feet ripping her green gown. Hoof beats thunder behind, growing ever closer. Wildly she runs down an unknown path to be swallowed up in the thick fog.  Standing still in the mist she catches her breath while watching the shadows move ever closer.

“A maiden of virtue she is.” The fog laughs.

“Please, don’t hurt me.” Begs the virgin falling to her knees.

She watches the fiend materialize out of the dense fog to stand before her with sharp teeth glistening.

“I so love the begging part.” Coos the Unicorn. “You are to much of a tasty tidbit to pass up.”

Hands find a rock and she flings it at the white monster to no avail only to find her heart impaled. Clinging to the perfect white mane she seeps back into the earth only to find darkness in the fog.


#Friday Fictioneers – The Hollowness of it all



They left behind the open sand for dense forest ground and it brought a bit of relief to not be so exposed. Her daughter, clutched tightly to her side as they made their way down the little path. The calm in the air was deafening to the shuffle of leaves and debris that moved beneath their feet. She covered her daughter’s brown eyes as they passed the wooden markers where the loved ones were now kept. It always made her little one cry to see them and it left a big knot in her heart as to why she could no longer. She stopped a little ways from their shelter in caution and saw the new sign that loomed above them with empty eyes.

#Friday Fictioneers – Hollow


“As if things couldn’t get much worse.” Sighing, she picks up another empty shell. ” What could leave behind such carnage?”

“Momma?” Asks the little girl. ” Are they all gone?”

Giving her a reassuring smile. ” I am sure there are some left, but for now lets’ get you home.”

Taking her daughter’s hand in hers they walk back up the beach stepping over the hollow shells left behind.



#Friday Fictioneers – Monk……take three

             Hierodeacon Mathus lifted the cup to his lips and let the liquid cover his tongue in a sweet tangy promise of a batch well done.   Relieved Mathus turned to his fellow monks and grinned , they nodded to one another and proceeded into the winery to bottle the wine.

             Father Hieromonk Damian patted Mathus on the back. “Another good year in thank-fullness to our Lord and the vineyard.”

            Mathus nodded. “It really has been a blessing.”

            The two were interrupted by a loud ringing booming from the monastery’s bell housing.  “Ah dinner,  just in time.” Mathus patted his round belly.

            As he entered the hall Mathus was encircled with smells of oven baked honey bread and lamb stew. Sitting at the rustic table he thanked his deity and all who made it possible. Dunking his bread in the stews broth he began eating his meal in revered silence as the rest of the monks joined in. His belly full, Mathus retired to a small room where he finished praying and to get some sleep before dawn rose. He Laid upon the cot reading the tattered book and fell into a dreamless sleep.

                ” Hierodeacon Mathus!”

                Sitting straight up he rubbed his tired eyes and tried to make out the  young monk in his doorway.

                 ” Hierodeacon Mathus, please come quick, it is the vineyard!”

                Mathus’s heart pounded in his throat as he rushed to the field and found the ruin. In terrible awe of the carnage that lay before him, tears streamed down his winkled cheek.

                 “We managed to get the boars out of the vineyard Hierodeacon Mathus,” Comforted the monk. “but it was too late.”

                  Mathus looked about the field hoping to find a survivor, grief stricken he fell to his knees and weeped.  Before him hidden beneath a grotesque mass of sap and grapes a small vine-ling remained unscathed.

                  Yelling to the young monk, “Bring a pot quickly!”