#Friday Fictioneers – Monk



Sweat trickled down the leathery face, he paused momentarily to soak it up with a soft rag. The hood did little to protect from the hot rays beating down on him as he tended to the precious vines. A callused hand worked flawlessly as he snipped away the dead leaves and branches. The old monk nodded in satisfaction and moved on to the next row and started pruning. He worked vigorously unbeknownst the sound of footsteps coming up from behind. Startled by the tap on the shoulder he spun around to see who had disturbed him. His old hands quiver as the tool slips to the ground, his heart sank at the sight of the unwelcome visitor.

#Friday Fictioneers – Watcher


Warm wind flowed gently against dusty feathers in small relief to the heat. Dead branches crackled from the movement of the scavenger sitting upon them. Urgency never outweighed patient calm as she waited above the corpse that refused to obey destiny. Her gaze followed the feeble attempt scrawled in the burnt sand by exhausted hands. Eyes stared off into the horizon as the body succumbed to the elements. The Mother stretched her wings and floated down and gracefully landed atop the precious meal, after all her young were waiting.

#Friday Fictioneers – Last ditch effort


          “Board up those windows and secure that door!” Barked the commander.

           The tired troops scurried about the hovel like ants, finding scraps and anything that was usable.  Two young soldiers nailed the door shut and guarded it.

           The commander could see the sun sinking through holes in the slats. ” Not long now before they come.”

           The wounded lay silent and a few whimpered as the sky grew dark.  The commander pressed his scarred cheek against the cool clay and listened for tell tale signs.

           Silence ensued and they nervously sat in the dark and waited. Some clutched their guns and a few held their breath as the dark silence seemed to swallow them up.

           The commander jerked his head back from the wall and quietly moved away as it raked it’s claws against the outer wall. The soldiers huddled together in the middle as claws dug in from all sides.

#Friday Fictioneers- Coward


     Steel and flesh clashed together as the cries and screams of death enveloped the field as the battle waged on. In weariness he pulled himself up onto his steed and fled the scene. The howls and clashes of hooves broke the ground in pursuit of this coward. His horse covered in froth gave its last breath and fell broken and shattered to the earth. Scrambling to his feet this forsaken knight limped hurriedly down the overgrown path.  Pushing foliage aside and entering a small clearing he stumbled, Exhausted  into the damp green grass. He gasped for breath and flailed at the gnashing of teeth that found and ripped into flesh. The young knight lay gazing up into brilliant red orbs that hung delicately on the branch as the light escaped his eyes.

#Friday Fictioneers – Youth is wasted on the young


damsel fly

    Watching the riverbank he sat and waited for the right moment, Oh so long he had waited for them to arrive and watch him. Flapping his delicate wings he sprang into action and bounced gently above the water causing tiny ripples to appear as he skipped over the stream.  His friends gasped as the water exploded and a rainbow of colors sliding down a side of silver leaped at him with jaws agape. Swiftly turning and dodging he eluded the trout and triumphantly landed on the smooth rock as the fish belly flopped back into the river.

      “Jesper!” Yelled his mom.

       Cringing he turned to see his mother hovering above him.”

       “If you had a death wish I would of thrown you in the river as a larva,” She took a deep breath. ” Now get home, wait till your father hears about this when you get home.”

       Jesper flew home with his  mother tailing close behind, he couldn’t wait till later when he would sneak out and see how impressed his friends were.



#Friday Fictioneers – Paths


        Running as fast as she could

mustering the strength to move on.

Finding the path to redemption,

no easy task to push for the light.

A new beginning at the exit,

Run, move, keep pushing forward.

It is within reach,

so close, she stumbles and sits in the dirt.

Wiping the tears from her eyes,

A gentle hand touches her shoulder.

Feeling renewed she stands

putting one foot forward at time.

Her path  becomes known,

her pain becomes less.

Your name is her comfort,

Your love is her strength.

#Friday Fictioneers – The End



                   Alone……….,  all alone shifting and traveling at the mercy of the air currents. This Icon once cast it’s shadow among the thriving throngs of  life that once breathed, cheered and loved.  The old skeletal hand still gripped the controls that gave no direction and no longer heeded the warnings from an empty skull looking on. Chaos ensued the world over as mushroom clouds erupted, bringing on an eerie silence that lasted for decades to come. Descending ever slowly to the torched earth below to reunite itself  with it’s maker.

#Friday Fictioneers – Replacement heart

#Friday Fictioneer



       Brushing the snow off my thick parka I stand and stretch my legs after being huddled for the night. Dawn was here and I could continue my journey in search of  My fair maiden, that I loved and cherished, whom escaped and broke my heart.  I pick up my rifle and sling it over my shoulder and the  grass crunched  beneath my feet as I walk towards the forest.  My pack I carried was filled with all the  items I would need so my love never escaped again.  Now all I needed to do was find my replacement heart.



Hot Day

The Breeze was hot and unrelenting, moving sluggishly through the tall grass. Claws extended digging into the ground, waiting, watching for the right moment. If only a bit of cool shade would ease the the heat from the fireball hovering above. Sweat dripped  down fur against  Muscles flexed tightly, waiting for the prey to let down its’ guard. The Prey bent it’s slender head down to nibble the dry grass. An Explosion of muscles sprang into action, forcing the prey to try and flee as claws dug into it’s flesh. As dust settled she called to her young hiding in the grass examining every move. The Proud mother watched as they learned how to deal with prey.

#Friday Fictioneers – Many forms




Branches  lash out trying to entangle her as she stumbles through the woods, Falling over a broken log she scrambles to regain her footing and continues running. It seems like days since  she began her search to find civilization after  escaping from that horrid place.  Exhausted she crumples beneath a willow and the tears start flowing. A light brush flitted by her cheek and leaping in terror she looks about to see  2 moths  circling before her. The Green moth flew close to her with it’s long tail and circled in a pattern and landed on her hand. The other moth ran back and forth to get her to follow it.  In disbelief she follows the brown moth and the green one flies up to join its friend and after walking a while she began to hear cars. Her heart beats in excitement to be escaping and turning to thank her saviors find they are gone.