#Friday Fictioneers – Mind’s eye

She stood still upon the shoreline as her lot was cast thoughtfully in the sand. The Icosahedron whirled and hummed before it completely stopped. Small nimble fingers scooped up the cube and she observed the numbers and letters that lighted up on its many sides.  The landscaped changed and twisted about her as the focus of shapes came and went, she gripped the Icosahedron even tighter afraid to lose it. The world stilled and she found herself on the beach in a different time. She stared at the vessel with her incandescent green eyes and sighed. Cold sand slipped in around her toes as she ventured toward the boat. Deciding to try something different she carefully climbed into the musty smelling pile of rot and held her lot out. About to cast the die she felt different and caught movement in the shadow of her mind’s eye.


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