#Friday Fictioneers – Replacement heart

#Friday Fictioneer



       Brushing the snow off my thick parka I stand and stretch my legs after being huddled for the night. Dawn was here and I could continue my journey in search of  My fair maiden, that I loved and cherished, whom escaped and broke my heart.  I pick up my rifle and sling it over my shoulder and the  grass crunched  beneath my feet as I walk towards the forest.  My pack I carried was filled with all the  items I would need so my love never escaped again.  Now all I needed to do was find my replacement heart.



9 Replies to “#Friday Fictioneers – Replacement heart”

  1. Nice story with a good last line. Sometimes we could all use replacement hearts! Also, I think you should be careful of tenses when you write, it can throw a reader off a bit.

  2. Hi Yaral,
    This “I” sounds like a stalker, but calls the escaped woman his replacement heart…very disturbing images. She’s being sought with a weapon, not with soft and sweet enticements, that’s for sure. More of a captive than a heart, but not for this narrator. He’s scary.
    Laura Hoopes

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