Mothers Day

One day a year we pay extra special attention to the one who gave us birth, raised us and tried to steer us on the right path. She ignored all our selfish comments and wants, Gave us instead the things we needed most but didn’t want. Her love for us was not shiny or the newest trend on the block but our bellies were full and the stories helped put us to sleep all snug and warm in our bed at night. Our mistakes and disappointments she did not scold, her pride and joy in us since we did our best and that was all she asked for.  So on this day we give our mother a day of rest and acknowledgment of all the things she has done for us and thank her for not dropping us on our heads as babies.

Red roses for all the china I played Frisbee with and the lamps that met the floor. (They flew so well to)

Chocolates for sneaking out the window and joining my friends on a joy ride in my dads Roadrunner. (Honestly I think the dent was already there)

Dinner at a nice restaurant for all the mudtracks across the clean floor and leaving creepy crawly’s in the tub. (Everyone should have pets)

Doing all my chores without complaining for all the times you answered the door and found two cops escorting me home after curfew. (I really did lose my watch)

A Nice present wrapped with a bow for all the things you did for me. (even when I didn’t deserve it)


Thank you Mom and have a happy mothers day.








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