Diary entry – Seven months and 20 days

Hello Diary,

A lot has happened since we last chatted. I still do not know my results from the IME but hopefully will soon. It is hard not knowing my next step or where to go from here. I am hopeful I will find a job that I enjoy doing, one that allows only one hand to do. Last year I graduated as a phlebotomist and lab technician then was injured at my current job so had to put the medical job  on hold. I do not think I can be a phlebotomist or go back to school now to be a nurse. I do know I can’t be on light duty at my current job forever so will have to find something else eventually. I am just happy to be earning some income at the moment.

The previous Monday I was kicked in my the leg and then  hand/arm by a shoplifter and I couldn’t believe the pain that ensued from that. Also the fact she nailed me in the wrist area of my already messed up arm/hand. The whole week the pain levels have been in the nines and tens.  I am no longer on night shift right now and moved to mornings. I am sure the assault had something to do with my schedule change. There are just so many shoplifters that come through our store and I am not sure how I am expected to stop them. I just have to do my best and not get hit again.

I am very lucky to have the support and love of my family and as long as I remember that I will be okay and can get through this.

Thank you for listening Diary, until next time.

May the unicorns never find you

The left hand exists!


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