Diary entry – Seven months and 11 day

Dear Diary,

It has been a hectic week and it was a very painful time. Not only physically but emotionally as well. I really hate how hard this is on my family and all the changes that have to be made since I am unable to do quite a few things now. It is definitely a work in progress and learning my limitations and figuring out how to manage everyday activities. Some activities, I was surprised I could no longer do on my own, and grateful my family has been a tremendous help.

I had my IME this weekend and I was very nervous and a bit frightened, since I had to get on a plane to go to the appointment. I haven’t flown in thirty years but I did it and made it to the exam. It was weird that I couldn’t ask questions or get the results but that is the nature of it I suppose. I am very unhappy my work will know the results before I do, unfortunately my boss gossips so it is going to be awkward at work. I don’t really talk about my private stuff a lot or my injury in a lot of detail there. Hard enough to look happy every day for the customers without all the fuss and gossiping, besides the less they know the easier it is for me.

It is weird Diary, that one appendage can have so many different symptoms at one time.  I am hoping for good news but it takes up to two weeks for them to review the doctor report and then I get a copy.

Until next time Diary, just one day at a time.

May the unicorns never catch you.

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