Diary entry – Six months and fourteen days

Dear Diary,

Thanks for being patient, it has been a busy weekend and work has been a bit hectic.  Let’s start with Friday it was busy and I had to deal with many shoplifters and of course help customers but I managed one break during my shift.  I am also there to help the cashiers with what I can manage with one hand, simple tasks like running light things back to their departments, make coffee, collect baskets, check receipts, fill the gallon water jug (The sink is up a flight of stairs) and make sure the parking lot is safe. A lot to do by yourself but usually there is another person, so I can get the three breaks a shift mandated by my physical therapist. All week I have managed one since it is so busy. My store manager also loses my doctor notes and other papers and every so often I have to give her copies to remind her.  I did get five hours of straight sleep so was quite happy with that. Especially since my arm and hand were quite unhappy with me.

Saturday, was insane at work it was super busy and there wasn’t anybody to cover my breaks. It is the day before Christmas Eve so it was expected to be extra busy but still not sure why I was the only door/security person on duty that night. (Well, I know why but I’m not going to say anything about the store manager). Let’s just say she is forgetful. I had to follow a lot of people that night and at one time I had a group of five to keep an eye on and that was tricky, just had to keep running from one side to the other side of the store.  Then another person did take something and had to try and get them to give it back and kick them out.  Then had another couple trying to stuff their purse with items, stopped them and had them leave the store. Plus like I stated earlier for Friday I have to do all the tasks cashiers need done  since it was really busy. Their breaks were even cut in half because of the amount of people in the store.

My hand and arm swelled and the pain went clear through my Scapula and  along my cervical vertebrae down through  to the first thoracic vertebrae on the left side. (Did I mention I graduated school this year as a Phlebotomist/Lab technician before my injury.)  Anyways I was working at my current place (Where the injury occurred) until I could get hired by a company to do phlebotomy and the plan was to go back to school and be a nurse. Forensics eventually, but I have to rethink that career choice now and pay off student loans. At this point I cannot even return to the kitchen and be a cook right now, that is how I ended up on light duty.

Sleeping was spotty and My left arm was swollen and painful. There was a deep pain this time all through the wrist, fingers up through the shoulder to spine. I am guessing it is because I didn’t take care of myself very well Saturday, but I really can’t afford to lose this job.

So Diary, going through a whole work shift is very difficult without breaks and I have a feeling my thumb is dislocated on my injured hand since Saturday , it has been making a painful popping noise and it doesn’t want to move very well. (Not quite sure how I did that and just hoping it is a very tired hand). Wednesday I have physical therapy so will have them fix it since I need permission to go to the Er.  Anyways it is late and I will catch up Tuesday since the next two days I will be spending it with family.

Have a Merry Christmas.

One day at a time and May the unicorns never catch you.

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