#Friday Fictioneers – Best in the world

“There they are.” whispered Mable. “The best mushrooms in the world.”

Silky crumpled her nose up in disgust. “You mean it is actually growing out of dirt.”

“I don’t like eating dirty things.” Silky complained.

Mable laughed and quickly covered her mouth. “We must be quiet or he will catch us

and besides they are not for us.” She whispered to her friend.

Silky nodded and watched as Mable picked the large mushrooms with slender fingers.

Once picked , Mable motioned for them to leave quickly by putting a finger over  pink lips.

When they were on the cobblestone path back to the villa Silky looked at her  cousin. “Why are these the best?

“That is where my father buries the little ones he kills in secret.” Mable paused a moment and then continued. “I think it is

only fair to make him eat from the remains don’t you.”

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