Moth of doom (1, black an white)Vibrations flowed through the dark attic floorboards and its eye fluttered open. Light filtered through the cracks and the eye searched for the cause of the disturbance. It spied the family looking about joyously at their new purchase. Frustrated at being awoken she flitted from crack to crack, disturbed by the new hosts invading her home.  Dust that lay thick upon the old floor become obscured and tangled. Her long fingers wiped away age as she peered  into a smaller bedroom. The small child stood at the window and for a moment looked up at the crack. She quickly sat up in disbelief, could this one sense her? Her frail hands clasped together in joy, it had been to long since there had been a believer in the home. She glided to her hiding spot and curled up and lay amused. Company had been so slight lately,  tonight I will have to introduce myself to these intruders.

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