#Friday Fictioneers – FireBug

“Lina, Wake up, wake up Lina!”

Her eyes blurred open and the shadows cleared as she found her mother shaking her.

“Is everything okay, mother.” Yawned Lina.

Her mothers eyes always so sad, patted her on the head then walked to the window.

Lina jumped out of bed and joined her. “Can I play with the other children today?”

Mother looked down at her and shook her head. “Not today.”

Lina slumped back onto her bed. “When can I go outside?” she groaned. “I hate this room and I want a friend.”

“You know we have this discussion everyday.” She pulled her daughters uniform from the closet. “Now get ready we have much to do today.”

“We always have lots to do everyday.” As Lina pulled the jumpsuit on. “When is daddy coming home?”

Lina cringed at the dark look her mother gave her.

“Sorry mother, I just miss him so much.”

Lina was scooped up into a hug and her tears became hot rivers down her cheeks. “Mother it is happening again please don’t go.”

The room became orange and the reds lit every corner, she barely heard the alarms as she watched the ashen face disappear into the light.

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