#Friday Fictioneers – My shiny gem

It sat silent in the display case as thousands marched in front of the massive rock structure with Little faces that pressed their noses to the glass.  Many tried to make out the colors and guess what the long jagged teeth were.  Then it came to Exxon, its final resting place among st the other relics that lay here. As night fell the facets started to glow and the core blinked for a moment and then it was all gone.  Lamentation for the town was great as was the mystery for the cause.

“Did it work?” Asked the little mole.

“Yes indeed it did.” Answered the scientist mole. “That will teach them to steal our shinies.”

16 Replies to “#Friday Fictioneers – My shiny gem”

  1. Dear Yaral Code, Very interesting interpretation of the prompt – it went so many different ways. I like you cartoon idea with moles coming to the earth’s surface! Clever! Nan 🙂

  2. Wow, those moles don’t mess around, do they?! I’m not familiar with unicorn lore. What happens if they catch someone?

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