#Friday Fictioneers – Stone

She sat upon the bench for hours at a time gazing at the stone that lay before her. Unaware of its meaning or how much time had passed. Only a memory left by the causalities of war and the hard times that followed. Neither felt the cold or pain as she stayed by the stones side, the ever unwavering love that kept her there. So much time had passed that the thoughts were empty and the heart remained full. Someday her penance would be forgiven and then she to would fall to the sky.













Twilight descended upon them and left a chill in the air. Stone wept dew of evenings’ plight. No rest, no work, it all came down to that defining moment. Silence imbued as the stones sat in a rhythm of loneliness and heartache. She stood and stared at the creature that loved her and could not touch anymore. Her eyes glistened as her faithful companion lay upon her resting place, refusing to leave the one person who made sense in the world. The tail wagged as the caretaker approached with food and water and carefully patted his head.

“This is no place for you.” clipping the leash to the pup’s collar. “I found you a second life.”

The caretaker gently coaxed the companion from the cold stone and the spirit that remained relaxed and slept.

#Friday Fictioneers – Spring Break


Arms folded on the window sill as sad brown eyes watch the snow fall relentlessly. So much for spring break and getting to the airport,

flustered she flung herself on the couch and sighed loudly.

“No matter how loudly you groan,” Her dad smiled. “You are at the mercy of the weather.”

“It’s not fair you know.” She whined. “I had big plans with my friends and now they are ruined..RUINED!”

“It’s not the end of the world Charlotte.” Her mother chimed in.

“I am pretty sure my social life is nonexistent after this.” Charlotte threw her phone down. “Not even cell service is available.”

“Yeah we noticed that there was no media available right now.” Said her father. “But I am sure it is due to lines being down.”

“You can quit pouting and come put a puzzle together.” Suggested mother.

Charlotte let out a small scream.  “I am in crisis and you want to put puzzles together!”

“Knock it off and get over here and make the best of it.”

Charlotte saw the scary tone in her mothers’ face and complied.

“Honey come join us.” Invited mother.


Charlotte saw her dad standing still at the window, his cup shattered against the floor.



#Friday Fictioneer – Burnt Memory

Cold and alone it sat,  forgotten by even time itself. Wispy fingers wrapped about the charred post, as she swept lightly over the thick layer of ash and dust. None dared enter her domain after the fire took the home. Countless hours she sat at the windows as the world changed about her.  The occasional mortal would catch her dancing among the ashes as she tried to appease the angry corpse that lay beneath. A small glimmer of light shone through the cracked brick and she sat there mesmerized by the small creation. Green curls rose up out of the ash and she smiled and was freed.


Moth of doom (1, black an white)Vibrations flowed through the dark attic floorboards and its eye fluttered open. Light filtered through the cracks and the eye searched for the cause of the disturbance. It spied the family looking about joyously at their new purchase. Frustrated at being awoken she flitted from crack to crack, disturbed by the new hosts invading her home.  Dust that lay thick upon the old floor become obscured and tangled. Her long fingers wiped away age as she peered  into a smaller bedroom. The small child stood at the window and for a moment looked up at the crack. She quickly sat up in disbelief, could this one sense her? Her frail hands clasped together in joy, it had been to long since there had been a believer in the home. She glided to her hiding spot and curled up and lay amused. Company had been so slight lately,  tonight I will have to introduce myself to these intruders.

#Friday Fictioneers – My Love

Dark blue fabric mixed with oil shone on the smooth steel when applied. As the rag was drawn back and forth, It glistened with well kept pride as aged old hands dabbed the last drops from the instruments body. The cloth and oil were placed back in the dark walnut box and exchanged for a special solution for the lenses that released a mist he longed for everyday. Taking the red cloth out he smoothed out the streaks and polished the glass to perfection. Once his tools were placed back in the box he adjusted the settings on the knobs and watched his love.


#Friday Fictioneers – Pest

It started out as innocent as can be. No side effects, no warnings were visible among the creatures. At first the furry pests were nothing more than like the mice in the fields or roaches in the kitchen. “Just another undiscovered wonder!” scientists claimed.

Even the brilliant people were quick to place the blame on the simple folk, especially when things started going terribly wrong. Mind you these things didn’t seem so smart at first and then you could tell they were watching and learning from us. Eventually they emboldened their presence into our everyday lives and simply overtook them.